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Comparing Costs and Features of the Top 3 Virtual Hosting Services

In the digital age, the increasing demand for websites and applications has made virtual hosting a popular choice for web hosting. Virtual hosting enables multiple websites to share resources on a single server, providing them with independent virtual environments without interference. This article will introduce the definition and common types of virtual hosting, explain the key pricing factors, and analyze three common virtual hosting cost options.

What is virtual hosting, and what are its types?

Virtual hosting is the process of splitting one physical server into multiple virtual spaces using software. Each virtual space shares the server's resources but operates independently with its own website content storage, domain settings, and operating system. It's ideal for small to medium-sized websites. There are four main types of virtual hosting, each with different costs and suitable for various performance and website requirements. It's essential to understand these options before making a choice.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most affordable type of virtual hosting. It's great for beginners, personal bloggers, and small to medium-sized websites. Users on the same shared server share resources like CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth. If some users' websites use a lot of resources, it can slow down the server. So, managing the number of users is essential for hosting providers.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is like an upgraded version of shared hosting. It falls between shared and dedicated hosting in terms of functionality. With VPS, you share some resources but have your own IP and CPU access. You can also upgrade memory and storage. VPS offers better performance, security, and speed compared to shared hosting but comes at a higher cost. It's best for those who can manage their hosting, work with website software, want high performance, and have moderate to high website traffic.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have your own separate server with all its resources. This offers the best performance and security but is more expensive than shared or VPS hosting. It's ideal for high-traffic websites, large businesses, and those needing complete server control and customization.。

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting allows website owners to use resources from multiple virtual servers simultaneously. If one server fails, others step in to keep the site running. Unlike shared or VPS hosting, cloud hosting offers flexibility and scalability without being tied to one server's performance. It's cost-effective and great for small to medium-sized businesses as technology advances.

The 6 factors that influence virtual hosting costs

Domestic (local) or international (foreign) virtual hosting

Choosing the location for your virtual hosting depends on your website's audience. If most visitors are in your home country, go for domestic hosting to speed up connections. If your business is international, opt for cost-effective foreign hosting to ensure smooth performance and a better user experience worldwide.。

Disk Space

Disk space refers to the storage capacity available for HTML, images, videos, and other files on your website. Typically, larger storage requirements result in higher virtual hosting costs. Larger websites or those hosting a significant number of media files will require more disk space. Therefore, when purchasing virtual hosting, users need to consider their storage needs and budget planning.。

Number of Hosted Domains

Usually, the more domains you want to host, the higher the virtual hosting costs. For users looking to run personal websites or corporate image sites, single-domain virtual hosting, which allows hosting only one website, may be more suitable. In contrast, web design companies or users needing to host multiple websites can benefit from multi-domain virtual hosting, which enables the setup of different domain names and management of multiple websites on the same server, aligning better with their usage requirements.

Bandwidth Traffic

Most virtual hosting plans on the market come with bandwidth limitations. When too many users access a website simultaneously, it can lead to slow website speeds or even cause the virtual hosting server to stop working. If users have requirements for a large volume of data transmission, it is recommended to increase the virtual hosting cost to enhance website loading speed, expand CPU and memory, and increase data transmission capacity.

Types of Virtual Hosting

In the previous section, we shared four common types of virtual hosting. Depending on the specific hosting provider, the resources, speed, CPU, memory, and storage space provided by each type of virtual hosting may vary, resulting in different virtual hosting costs. Users need to consider and select virtual hosting based on their actual needs and budget.

Security Features

If a website requires strengthening security with SSL certificates, firewalls, and backup features, the virtual hosting costs will increase. Security features not only protect the website and user data, reducing the risk of transmitting data in an unsafe environment but also play a crucial role in SEO optimization.

Analysis of the Costs and Features of the Top 3 Types of Virtual Hosting


Microud offers an all-in-one solution with unlimited bandwidth and global cloud hosting. They provide custom CDN, EIP bandwidth adjustment, and strong security features. Using CN2 GIA high-speed routing, they ensure fast and stable website loading.

Their pricing starts at USD $17/month for personal plans, USD $75/month for enterprise plans, and USD $114/month for international plans. These plans offer high performance but vary in CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Suitable for beginners and pros, they even offer a free trial for testing! Click to learn more >>Microud

Click to learn more >> Microud


GoDaddy offers a wide range of services, including domain registration, website and hosting services, email, and digital marketing. It is one of the world's largest domain registrars and leading hosting service providers. GoDaddy's shared hosting plans vary in performance, storage space, and available databases based on the subscription level. The virtual hosting cost starts at a minimum of USD $2.79 per month for basic shared hosting services.

For VPS hosting, users can select the RAM specifications and then choose from standard RAM plans, starting at USD $10.08 and USD $20.15 per month, or high RAM plans, beginning at USD $16.24 and USD $30.25 per month. All plans include features such as access to four global data centers and backup options. Other aspects like CPU, RAM, SSD, IP quantity, and capacity vary depending on the plan's cost.

GoDaddy also offers dedicated server hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows hosting, and other service plans to cater to users with diverse needs


CLOUDWAYS is a cloud hosting service management provider that primarily offers hosting and server management through a user-friendly interface. They collaborate with AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean, providing a selection of virtual hosting options. Users can configure their servers and get their websites online quickly.

Each of their partner cloud providers offers its own range of plans, all of which include comprehensive security, automatic backups, CDN integration, and adjustable PHP settings. However, domain registration is not included, which might be a consideration for beginners.

Here are the approximate monthly costs for virtual hosting with each provider:

  • DigitalOcean: Starting at around USD $14 to $54 per month, with variations in memory, storage, bandwidth, loading speed, and processors.
  • AWS: Starting at around USD $38.56 to $183.2 per month, with uniform performance and features, differing only in memory capacity based on the plan.
  • Google Cloud: Starting at around USD $37.45 to $152.14 per month, with variations in memory and processors.

These prices may vary based on the specific plan and configurations chosen.

Comparison table of virtual hosting costs and features

Hosting TypeCloudShared, VPS, DedicatedCloud, VPS
FeaturesUnlimited bandwidth, high performance, and cost-effective international expansion with reduced ICP filing.Diverse virtual hosting plans available.Integrates various cloud and VPS providers with customizable hosting setups.
Basic hosting, customizable CDN, network security, enhanced ECS Security Group, cloud server hosting, rack hosting, CN2 GIA high-speed routing, EIP bandwidth adjustment.Included Features: Basic hosting, SSL certificates, daily backups, domain setup, global data centers, network security.Basic hosting, URL management, PHP adjustments, CDN, website security, automatic backups.
Beginning at $17 per month, you can access a robust, high-performance virtual hosting service.Shared: $3 to $15 USD per month.
VPS: $11 to $33 USD per month.
DigitalOcean: $14 to $54 USD.
AWS: $38.56 to $183.2 USD.
Google Cloud: $37.45 to $152.14 USD.
for Virtual
Offers global CDN with custom configurations, enabling content distribution and reducing network latency.Limited to nearby locations.Offers CDN functionality.
Disk SpaceCan provide up to 200GB of large storage capacity, which can also be expanded.Shared: 10GB to 50GB
VPS:40GB to 100GB
DigitalOcean: 25GB to 80GB
AWS: 20GB across all plans
Google Cloud: 20GB across all plans
MemoryUp to 16GB512MB or standard performanceDigitalOcean: 1-4GB
AWS: 2-8GB
Google Cloud: 1.75-7.5GB
Unlimited TrafficShared hosting has unlimited bandwidth.
VPS hosting offers unlimited traffic.
Bandwidth sizes vary between different plans.
Enhanced with ECS Security Groups (Virtual Firewalls) and complemented by DDoS WAF for effective protection of apps, websites, and APIs.Utilizes DDoS protection.Utilizes dedicated firewalls.

Virtual hosting allows multiple websites to run independently on the same server, offering resource isolation, cost savings, and convenient management. It provides a stable and reliable operating environment for websites of all sizes. Chosen International offers hosting services with unlimited traffic, worry-free colocation, and cloud hosting available for less than USD $16.13 per month. This provides users with a high-performance server with unlimited traffic, making it easy to set up their own website hosting. Do you have cloud hosting needs? If you want more information, feel free to contact us

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