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What is an IDC data center? 5 key points for selection simplified!

According to research, as much as 69% of users expect a website's loading time to be under 2 seconds. Additionally, 50% of users indicate that they would leave a site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

You might be wondering, does a website's loading time concern me? The answer is yes! Generally, the more storage space you have, the shorter the loading time.

Today, we're here to introduce a high-capacity and highly stable storage solution - the IDC data center, which can help you better understand whether upgrading your company's 'soft power' is necessary.

What is an IDC data center?

An IDC data center, also known as an Internet Data Center, is a purpose-built facility designed and operated for storing, managing, and maintaining a large number of computer systems, servers, and network equipment.

IDC data centers provide a secure environment to ensure the security, availability, and reliability of data and information. Typically composed of one or more racks, they are equipped with cooling systems, power supplies, network connections, fire suppression systems, and more.

IDC data centers are an essential part of the modern internet era, playing a crucial role in stably supporting the online business needs of both individual studios and large enterprises.

The applicable audience for IDC data centers

While IDC data centers offer advantages such as high stability and capacity, their disadvantages are also apparent, notably the "higher costs!" It's not suitable for every business to adopt.

We recommend four types of business partners that are suitable for adopting IDC data centers, making it convenient for you to assess whether to utilize them.

1.Individual Studios

When you have more collaborating partners on hand, it is advisable here to consider replacing the hosting solution with an IDC data center. This will provide customers with a more stable guarantee.

2.Website Design Companies

The same rationale applies to website design companies. Additionally, IDC data centers are better equipped to defend against DDOS attacks, which can significantly enhance customer retention rates.

What is DDOS attacks?

DDoS attacks involve overwhelming a target server or its surrounding hosts with a large volume of network traffic, causing the target server, service, or network to become overloaded. This malicious attack disrupts the normal flow of traffic and has detrimental effects not only on customer advertising effectiveness and conversion rates but also on the SEO of customer websites, causing a significant level of harm.

3.Cryptocurrency Circle Development Team

If you intend to join a cryptocurrency development team, such as in the realm of Web3, it's advisable to directly rent an IDC data center. The trends in the metaverse are constantly changing, so there is a greater demand for internet speed and stability. If you've used traditional hosting services in the past, they might not be sufficient to meet these demands.

4.Gaming Company

When developing games, the most dreaded issues are lag and unreliable network connectivity. As a gaming company, in addition to creating exquisite game models, it's essential to have smooth gameplay to capture players' hearts. A high-quality and stable IDC data center can support hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously and enhance the overall gaming experience.

5.Large-scale E-commerce Platform

As mentioned earlier, slow webpage loading speeds can drive consumers away from a website immediately. This is especially critical for the checkout process on e-commerce platforms; if it takes too long, it can directly deter purchasing intent.

When it comes to managing medium to large-scale e-commerce platforms, using an IDC data center is strongly recommended to ensure smooth consumer experiences. In 2012, for instance, Amazon estimated that for every 1-second increase in their website's loading time, they would lose up to $1.6 billion in sales. This highlights the importance of maintaining a seamless consumer journey, making IDC facilities a valuable investment to optimize performance and maintain customer satisfaction.

The IDC data center can provide assistance and services for individuals and businesses

The IDC data center offers a variety of assistance and services for both individuals and businesses. Below are some of the key features and advantages of the IDC data center:

1.Data Storage and Protection

The IDC data center provides secure data storage and protection. They possess highly reliable data redundancy systems that can prevent data loss or damage. This is crucial for businesses as most of their online services heavily rely on critical data and information.

For individual studios, the data redundancy system can also serve as vital consumer funnel data, helping to organize consumer profiles more clearly and design effective UX processes.

2.Network Connectivity and Bandwidth

IDC data centers typically boast high-speed and reliable network connectivity. These centers establish connections with multiple internet service providers to ensure high-quality network connectivity and ample bandwidth. This is especially crucial for enterprises or individual websites that deal with substantial data traffic, making them well-suited for hosting high-traffic websites.

3.Hardware Facilities and Technical Support

IDC data centers possess efficient servers, storage devices, and networking equipment to support a wide range of applications and traffic loads. Additionally, the technical teams at IDC data centers offer round-the-clock 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of systems.

4.Security and Reliability

IDC data centers provide stringent security measures and protections to ensure the safety of data and information. This includes both physical security measures such as closed-circuit television and access control systems, as well as data security measures like firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Furthermore, IDC data centers often feature redundant power and cooling systems to prevent overheating and ensure the stable operation of systems.

5.High Availability and Fault Tolerance

IDC data centers are designed and configured with high availability and fault tolerance systems. They often incorporate multiple redundant architectures and backup devices to mitigate the impact of single points of failure on the system. This design ensures the continuous operation of the system, allowing business operations to continue even in the event of component or equipment failures.

Redundant architecture refers to having backup or duplicate components, systems, or infrastructure in place to ensure that if one component fails, another can take over without causing downtime or disruption.

<What is redundant architecture?Read 泛科学精选好文告诉你! >

Personal StudioCompany
SupportHigh stabilityHigh stability, fire protection system, etc.
Alternative SolutionCloud hostingIrreplaceable

How to choose the right IDC (Internet Data Center) facility for your company or individual needs?

Choosing the most suitable IDC (Internet Data Center) facility requires considering multiple factors. Here are several key points to help you make the most appropriate choice:

1.Geographical location

The geographical location of the IDC facility is a critical factor. Below, we'll also assess the evaluation sequence of geographical location:

  • 1st: Ensure that the facility is situated in a secure and reliable area, far from the risks of natural disasters and human-induced damage. 
  • 2nd: Consider the distance between the facility and your company's location.

If you require frequent visits to the facility or need faster network connectivity, choosing an IDC facility closest to your company would be the most suitable option.

2.Assessing network connectivity efficiency and bandwidth requirements

Network connectivity and bandwidth are also critical factors to consider. Before entering into a partnership, ensure that the IDC facility offers high-speed, reliable network connectivity, along with sufficient bandwidth. This will help prevent situations of slow internet speeds or even complete network failure down the line.

3.Security measures and protection

Ensure that the IDC facility has appropriate security measures and protections in place to safeguard your data and information. This includes both physical security measures and data security measures, as mentioned earlier.

4.Availability and Fault Tolerance

Before entering into a partnership, it's important to understand the design and configuration of the IDC facility service provider and ensure that they have a highly available and fault-tolerant system. This includes redundant components, backup equipment, and recovery plans in the event of network attacks.

It's recommended to first understand the data center's Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and availability guarantees to ensure a trouble-free experience in your subsequent usage.

5.Technical support and services

Lastly, the service aspect is crucial. Many IDC facilities only provide space without additional services such as essential remote support, troubleshooting, and maintenance services, all of which are vital for long-term collaborations. When choosing an IDC facility, we recommend not only confirming the vendor's reputation but also paying special attention to the scope of services they offer.

For IdividualsFor Businesses
Technical expertise and requirementsHigher requirementsHigher requirements
Suitable for colocation?Recommend colocationRecommend colocation

Comparison of IDC facility options

ChungHwa Telecom

ChungHwa Telecom is currently one of the larger IDC facility providers in Taiwan, offering ample network infrastructure and support, which contributes to more stable internet speeds. However, its service quality is relatively lower, making it a better fit for companies with professional engineers who can manage the technical aspects.

FarEasTone Telecom

Similar to Chunghwa Telecom, it is one of the leading players in the field of telecommunications. While its service processes are better than Chunghwa Telecom's, it still struggles to achieve the same level of meticulous handling in terms of service details. Therefore, it is not suitable for collaboration with typical companies.

QiHeng International Tech

Qiheng International Tech possesses a highly stable IDC (Internet Data Center) facility and a professional engineering team, capable of addressing any network-related challenges promptly. We also provide dedicated maintenance by a professional team. In the event of a DDoS attack, we have corresponding defense mechanisms in place to ensure effective mitigation. We guarantee 100% network operational reliability for your esteemed company.

Comparison and Organization of IDC Data Center Solutions

ChungHwa TelecomFarEasTone TelecomQiHeng Tec
Service/Support CapabilityBasic Data Center SpaceBasic Data Center SpaceFull Support
ScalabilityLowLowFlexible Expansion
Target AudienceEnterprise with Dedicated EngineersEnterprise with Dedicated EngineersCompanies with High Website Space Demands


Looking to comprehensively upgrade your company's online operations? An IDC data center is your first step towards that upgrade! If your company currently lacks dedicated engineers, we welcome collaboration with us. QiHeng International Tec has a professional team ready to support you, ensuring smooth operations and resolving any challenges. With high-quality and stable internet speed, we help you establish the best online presence.

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