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What is CN2 Network? A 3-minute Guide to Types and Features

CN2 Network is a high-quality international internet bandwidth service provided by China Telecom. In the global trend of digital transformation, many businesses and enterprises have shifted to online operations, and remote management has become the norm. For those looking to expand their businesses into Hong Kong and mainland China, having a reliable internet connection is crucial. CN2 Network offers fast, stable, and secure internet connectivity, enabling users to smoothly conduct cross-border business and remote operations. Now, let's delve deeper into the types and features of the CN2 Network!

What is CN2 Network?

CN2 Network (Chinatelecom Next Carrier Network) is a high-quality internet bandwidth service introduced by China Telecom, also known as the "Next Generation Carrier Network" of China Telecom. For industries such as gaming, live streaming, e-commerce, and more, utilizing the CN2 Network can achieve high-speed and stable internet connectivity. It features high-speed and low latency, providing a stable and fast connection to networks within China.

Whether you're a networking professional or a business user, if you have a need for internet connectivity between Hong Kong and mainland China, understanding the types and features of the CN2 Network can provide valuable insights. Next, let's delve into the characteristics and advantages of CN2 GT and CN2 GIA!

The Two Major Types of CN2 Network

1. Global Transit(CN2 GT)

Firstly, let's talk about Global Transit (CN2 GT). It follows a routing path that starts with IP addresses in the range of 202.97 (backbone network 163) within China, and once outside of China, it switches to CN2 Hong Kong servers, indicated by routes starting with 59.43. The purpose of Global Transit is to provide users around the world with a more stable and reliable connectivity service. By diverting traffic to Hong Kong servers, it mitigates network congestion issues within China, enhancing the stability and speed of the connection. This enables global users to access Chinese websites and services more smoothly.

2. Global Internet Access(CN2 GIA)

The other type is Global Internet Access (CN2 GIA), which represents the highest level of CN2 backbone routes. CN2 GIA offers a direct high-speed internet channel to mainland China, with all routes starting with the IP address 59.43 and no routes starting with 202.97. This means that CN2 GIA performs exceptionally well on routes exiting China, exhibiting the lowest congestion, fastest speeds, and highest stability. It is particularly suitable for users who require high-speed and stable connections to networks within mainland China, such as international businesses, multinational internet service providers, and more.

Comparison of CN2 GT and CN2 GIA

CharacteristicsCN2 GTCN2 GIA
Type of networkGlobal transit networkHigh-speed internet channel directly connected to mainland China
Network qualityHighHigh
Network securityProviding secure network connectionsProviding secure network connections
Target audienceGlobal usersUsers requiring connections to networks in mainland China

The advantages of CN2 GIA


1. Fast and stable

The CN2 GIA solution has the advantages of being fast and stable. It provides high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring users can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted online experience. Even in the event of a wired line failure, it can intelligently switch to a backup line immediately. This is crucial for fields such as cross-border communication, multinational corporations, and the global tech industry where efficient communication is essential.

2. Ability to Traverse the Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is a network surveillance and defense system implemented by the Chinese government, which blocks and restricts access to many overseas websites and applications. Using CN2 GIA allows users to bypass this Great Firewall, enabling them to access international websites and applications more freely, and obtain the information and services they need.

3. Low Latency and High Quality

The CN2 GIA solution boasts low latency and high quality. It employs technology that allows data to directly traverse China's network using the same IP, resulting in faster and more stable data transmission speeds. This means that users of CN2 GIA can enjoy a network connection with low latency and high quality, providing a smoother and more real-time online experience.

4. Low Latency and High Quality

As a dedicated international network channel, CN2 GIA prioritizes security. It can reduce the risks of network attacks and security vulnerabilities, safeguarding user data and privacy. This is particularly crucial for companies and organizations dealing with sensitive information or business secrets, as it provides a heightened level of security.

Target Audience

1. Cross-border E-commerce Platforms

For cross-border e-commerce platforms, a fast and stable internet connection is crucial. The high-speed internet channel provided by CN2 GIA ensures a smooth process for showcasing and selling overseas products. Its low latency feature guarantees rapid data transmission, delivering a seamless shopping experience to users and enhancing the competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce platforms.

2. Online Gaming Platforms

To deliver a high-quality gaming experience, online gaming platforms need to ensure that players have a stable and high-speed internet connection. Such a connection effectively reduces game latency and lag issues, allowing players to engage in gameplay smoothly and enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty. CN2 GIA can provide a fast and stable internet channel, ensuring that players can enjoy seamless gaming experiences without worrying about the instability of their internet connection.

3. Financial Industry

The financial industry requires a secure and stable internet connection to ensure the smooth transmission of financial data and seamless transaction processes. CN2 GIA's network security features enable financial institutions to safeguard data confidentiality and integrity. Furthermore, CN2 GIA's solution offers high stability and low latency, enhancing the reliability and real-time nature of financial transactions. This aligns with the stringent requirements of the financial sector for internet connectivity.

4.Enterprises and Corporate Groups

Internal information sharing and collaboration play a significant role within enterprises and corporate groups. To meet this demand, the stability and low latency of CN2 GIA ensure that internal employees can quickly and smoothly connect and access company internal systems and resources, thus promoting information sharing and collaboration. This high-speed internet channel contributes to increased work efficiency and employee productivity, providing enterprises and corporate groups with a more effective internal communication and collaboration environment.

5.Online Education Platforms

Maintaining a high-quality online learning experience is a goal pursued by many education platforms today. CN2 GIA's fast and stable connectivity enables students to smoothly utilize teaching resources and interactive platforms during online learning. Additionally, the low latency feature ensures real-time instructional communication and interaction, thereby enhancing the quality and effectiveness of online education.

Solution of MICROUD for Mainland China

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3.Top-Speed Routing with CN2 GIA

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The CN2 GIA solution offers direct access to China's network, providing low-latency, high-quality internet connection for a seamless online experience. It bypasses network surveillance, granting unrestricted access to websites and apps. With robust security, it ensures data privacy. For pricing and plans, contact the service provider as costs depend on usage, bandwidth, and features. It's the top choice for connecting to China's network!

In addition, if you require more comprehensive internet services, MICROUD offers cloud hosting services with unlimited traffic for Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian operating systems. The highlights are as follows:

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Whether you are an individual user or a corporate client, Microud provides various plan options (go to calculator) to meet different needs, allowing you to enjoy top-quality cloud hosting services. Apart from CN2 GIA, MICROUD also offers other services such as AI Phone and international SMS services, assisting customers in establishing and expanding businesses worldwide!

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