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Advantages of EDM Marketing: A Comparative Analysis Against SMS Marketing

EDM marketing and SMS marketing are two common strategies in modern digital marketing. EDM marketing provides personalized, interactive, and detailed content through email, captivating customers. On the other hand, SMS marketing offers a quick and direct approach, using concise messages to engage customers. Whether you opt for EDM or SMS, each has its own advantages. In the following, we will delve into the characteristics and differences of these two marketing strategies. Get ready to dive in!

What is EDM marketing?

"EDM marketing, also known as Electronic Direct Mail Marketing, is a marketing strategy that involves sending commercial messages, promotional content, or brand advertising to a targeted audience through email. Utilizing the medium of email, EDM marketing enables personalized message delivery, facilitating direct interaction with customers, thereby promoting sales, business growth, and enhancing brand awareness!"

Advantages & Practical Application Example of EDM Marketing

EDM marketing possesses multiple advantages, thus becoming a widely utilized marketing technique for renowned global brands and international enterprises. Below are the key benefits and examples of EDM marketing:

Personalization and Targeting

EDM marketing offers the capability to deliver personalized messages based on recipients' characteristics and preferences. For instance, global music brand Spotify employs EDM marketing strategies to send users personalized music recommendations and event information. Leveraging users' music preferences and listening habits, Spotify sends exclusive playlists like "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar" each week, enhancing the allure of the music experience.

Interactivity and Engagement

EDM marketing establishes a direct channel for interaction, boosting engagement and customer loyalty. For instance, international sports brand Nike utilizes EDM marketing strategies to create a robust interactive platform called the "NikePlus Membership Program." This platform tailors product recommendations and event updates to members' personal preferences. Members gain access to exclusive events, discounts, and personalized experiences, all based on their individual tastes. By offering interactive activities, the shopping experience is elevated, effectively increasing customer participation and loyalty.

Fast and Cost-Effective

EDM marketing delivers messages quickly, saving costs. It notifies customers about new products and discounts, capturing attention and avoiding print and postage expenses. For instance, Coca-Cola can swiftly email customers to promote new products, sales, and offers. Through EDM marketing, they can reach thousands in minutes, saving significantly compared to traditional mail or ads.

Apart from EDM marketing, there's another high-conversion marketing model!

In addition to EDM marketing, another high-conversion marketing approach is SMS marketing. SMS marketing involves delivering promotional and informational content to target audiences through text messages. This marketing model has the following advantages and is particularly suitable for entering international markets!

Direct and Immediate

SMS messages are delivered directly to users' mobile phones in the form of text messages, without relying on specific applications or internet connections, as almost all mobile users are capable of receiving SMS messages! This direct and immediate nature ensures that messages reach the target audience quickly, are opened and read within a short period, enhancing message delivery effectiveness and response rates. This can lead to high conversion rates achieved in the shortest possible time.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Compared to email or other marketing channels, SMS messages enjoy higher click-through rates. This is because most people are curious about and promptly read SMS messages received on their mobile phones. The acceptance of SMS is also higher, resulting in a staggering 98% read rate among consumers! This elevated open rate for SMS contributes to increased message exposure and conversion rates.

Concise and Effective

Due to the character limit of SMS messages, SMS marketing requires concise yet impactful content. This compels marketers to distill messages into their most crucial and engaging points, making it easier for the audience to comprehend and remember. This concise and effective content better captures the audience's attention and encourages them to take action, such as clicking links, subscribing immediately, filling out forms, and more. These actions significantly boost conversion rates.

International Marketing

International SMS marketing overcomes geographical and cultural barriers to reach a global audience. Its straightforward creation and distribution process, coupled with cost-effectiveness, make it a potent tool for global expansion.

Consider Airbnb, the international accommodation platform. By collecting users' phone numbers during registration, Airbnb establishes a direct communication channel. This enables them to employ SMS marketing to promote deals and convey vital information to users worldwide, capitalizing on the power of succinct messaging.

What are the differences between EDM & SMS marketing?

SMS marketing and EDM (Email Direct Marketing) differ in terms of their suitable scenarios, marketing effectiveness, and costs. Businesses can choose the appropriate marketing approach or combine both based on their target audience and marketing goals to achieve an optimal marketing strategy!

SMS marketing

  • Delivery Method: Messages are sent directly to users' mobile phones in the form of SMS. Higher Click-Through Rates: Most SMS messages are opened and read within a short period.
  • High Directness: SMS messages can be received without the need for specific apps or internet connections.
  • Personalized Messaging: Customization based on recipient characteristics and preferences.
  • Lower Costs: SMS sending costs are relatively low, and the creation process is simple. Global Competitiveness: Capable of transcending geographical and cultural barriers to reach a global audience.

EDM marketing

  • Delivery Method: Messages are sent to users' email inboxes in the form of emails.
  • Lower Open Rates: Affected by filters and spam.
  • Lower Directness: Users need email accounts and internet connection to receive messages.
  • Rich Information Delivery: Can convey multimedia and complex detailed information, including images, videos, and hyperlinks.
  • Relatively Higher Costs: Requires designing and creating attractive email content, as well as A/B testing different versions.
  • International Competitiveness: Limited by geographical and cultural differences, requiring consideration of language and cultural factors.

Differences between EDM & SMS Marketing

SMS MarketingEDM Marketing
Response SpeedFaster in Comparison
SMS messages arrive swiftly
Slower for Recipients
to Open and Read
Conversion RateAverage Conversion Rate of 30%Average Conversion Rate of 4.29%
Read RateConsumers' SMS Read Rate of 98%Average 60% Read Rate in Taiwan
Marketing CostLower SMS Sending Costs Simplified Message CreationHigh Design Costs for Email Content Complex EDM Creation
Reaching Global AudienceSusceptible to Geographical and Cultural Constraints
Applicable ScenariosExpansion for the
international market.
Ideal for conveying intricate information succinctly


EDM marketing allows personalized messages based on recipients' preferences, while SMS marketing thrives on its direct, real-time, cost-effective, and boundary-spanning advantages. To enhance global competitiveness, we recommend AboSEND International SMS. Leveraging a multi-country number platform, it caters to bulk SMS delivery, supports WhatsApp broadcasts, and offers global invalid number filtering.

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