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Can AI Voice Technology Help with Customer Service Marketing? 6 Scenarios to Help You Understand An Efficient Marketing Tool.

With the changing landscape of marketing, more and more consumers are placing emphasis on customer service. Research data suggests that "after experiencing poor service, the percentage of customers switching to a competitor increases to 80%!" In other words, if a business can strengthen its customer service, it can greatly help to boost sales and increase brand power. To save on costs, many companies have also started using AI voice technology to replace human customer service. But is this really better? This article will explore the advantages of AI voice customer service from a technological perspective and usage scenarios.

What is AI Voice Customer Service? Analyzing from A Technical Perspective.

Many people are curious whether AI voice technology can accurately analyze and respond to human language, which is known to have complex logical structures. This is possible due to three important technological supports: speech recognition, database matching, and list organization. To help you better understand, we will briefly introduce these three technologies:

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition(commonly abbreviated as ASR) is the most basic and complex recognition system for AI voice technology. A complete automatic speech recognition system includes billions of acoustic models, language models, and search recognition tools, which can recognize spoken language, interpret the meaning of the sentence, and provide appropriate responses and services.

For example:

when I say to an AI voice customer service, "I need consulting services," the acoustic model will analyze the "words" of this sentence and apply them to the language model to understand the meaning of this sentence. Finally, through the search recognition tool, it will find the appropriate consulting service option.

Database Matching

In order to respond to user needs as quickly as possible, AI voice systems come with powerful databases and preset keywords and response contents that users may mention, allowing intelligent filtering of the most suitable responses when users mention the keywords.

List Organization

AI voice systems not only can distinguish the user's meaning and respond in real-time but also can analyze the user's intent based on their responses. Through continuous learning and optimization, they can filter out customers who are willing to consume and help subsequent marketing strategies to run smoothly. In addition, AI voice can also filter out users who have a favorable impression of the brand, making it easier to develop potential loyal customers.

Is AI Voice Suitable for me? What is the Difference with Human Customer Service?

Although AI voice customer service is convenient and practical, human customer service teams have higher response capabilities. Which one is more suitable for my company? Below, we compare AI voice customer service with human customer service teams to help you better evaluate which is the most suitable!

AI Voice System

AI voice can quickly distinguish user intent and respond appropriately to the content. However, if there is not enough data, it may not be able to provide the most appropriate response to the user. For start-up companies, it is recommended to first test sufficient data through human customer service, such as identifying frequently asked questions, and then building an AI voice system to handle customer inquiries more efficiently. AI voice and human customer service can also be used together in different situations, such as using AI voice for promotional activities or market research, and leaving return procedures or dispute resolution to human customer service.

Live customer service

The main advantage of live customer service is that it possesses empathy, which robots lack, and can be more in line with the user's thoughts to meet their actual needs. At the same time, it can also effectively ease the user's emotions. Live customer service is more suitable for service teams that require high responsiveness, cautious handling of call content, and maintenance of customer relationships, such as loan phone salespersons, return and exchange customer service personnel, and complaint handling personnel.

Comparison table between AI Voice and Live Customer Service

AI VoiceLive Customer Service
FeaturesAI intelligence can handle common user problems, and can operate 24/7 without interruptionLive online service can better understand the customer's pain points accurately
AdvantagesEfficiently process common questions through big data, unaffected by personal emotions, and ensure call qualityBetter understanding of customer thoughts, handling more challenging problems, calming customers, and providing appropriate discounts
Optimization directionOptimization directionThe customer service process needs more time and experience to perfect
CostLower costHigher personnel and
education costs

Is an AI Voice System Suitable for Me? Evaluate 6 Scenarios to Determine Suitability!

AI voice systems are not only suitable for customer service departments, but also for marketing and promotion, satisfaction surveys, bill reminders, market research, event notifications, and real-name authentication. Let's take a look at how AI voice technology shines in these fields.

Marketing and Promotion

When there are new products or promotions to launch, what is the best way to notify all potential consumers at once? Is it through online advertising or Line@ promotions? The most efficient way is through phone notifications and text message reminders. According to research, more and more users are feeling tired of social media and are less willing to receive information from these channels. This means that your promotion content has a high chance of being ignored by users. With AI voice technology, coupled with SMS messaging, you can formulate promotion content that allows potential consumers to receive your information in a timely manner and increase sales.

Satisfaction Surveys

Do you want to know how many points your service scores in the minds of your users? Are there any areas that need improvement? Then use AI voice to conduct customer satisfaction surveys! Not only does this method have a faster information collection efficiency, but it can also record areas that users want to improve through recording, allowing us to establish a more perfect service process.

Bill Reminders

Collection of bills is one of the most emotional aspects that customer service departments easily encounter. In order to better execute other service demands, it is recommended that you make use of AI voice systems for bill reminders. This not only reduces the emotional fluctuations of users who receive collection reminders but also enables faster notification of overdue payments, safeguarding the rights and interests of users.

Market Research

In the past, real-person interviews or external vendors were used to conduct market research, but such data may not be accurate and the costs can be high. However, AI voice systems can quickly compile market research data and are more accurate than real human teams, which can lead to more precise retargeting in the future.

Event Promotion

Physical store promotions or events can also be notified through AI voice technology, and can be promoted specifically to the surrounding areas, saving advertising costs and effectively targeting potential customers.

Real-Name Authentication

More and more users are concerned about online security issues, and in order to protect users' personal information, many companies have begun to use AI voice technology for real-name authentication. Through the user's actual dialing and response content, AI voice can record the user's personal information completely, and without going through third parties, reducing the risk of information leakage.


AI voice systems are a new model for customer service marketing, which can be used not only for marketing and promotion, but also to enhance personal data protection and help companies accurately integrate effective customer lists. Chi-Heng International has launched the AboTALK intelligent AI voice system, which can quickly import customer service keywords, filter out users with higher willingness, and directly transfer them to human customer service, allowing customer service personnel to focus more on serving the right customers. It can also be used with SMS marketing to help companies promote sales information comprehensively and enhance overall profitability.

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