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Quick Guide: International SMS Costs Comparison of 4 Major Providers

If you want to use SMS marketing for better results and reach a global audience, choosing an international SMS provider is better than a local one. It helps you expand your SMS business effectively and comply with different country regulations. Wondering which ones to consider and how much it costs? We'll answer these questions to help you get the most out of your SMS marketing budget!

Is international SMS marketing effective for all businesses?

In today's digital age, diverse marketing is key to business success. International SMS marketing is becoming a powerful tool for global businesses. Let's explore its real benefits for both local and international SMS companies.

Reaching a Global Audience

International SMS providers offer global reach, centralizing cross-border SMS management without switching providers. They support multiple languages for immediate global communication of promotions, discounts, and vital information.

High Open Rate

Compared to email, SMS boasts a higher open rate. With a 98% read rate, consumers generally check SMS content within minutes of receiving it, ensuring rapid visibility of marketing messages.

Higher Conversion Rate

Compared to other marketing methods, SMS marketing delivers core messages in a clear and concise way, making it easier for the audience to understand and take immediate actions. This is why SMS marketing can achieve high conversion rates, often up to 30% !

Cost Structures of the Top 3 International SMS Providers

When discussing international SMS services, understanding international SMS costs is essential. Different providers may have varying pricing methods, which can impact your budget. Here, we'll explore the cost structures of three top international SMS providers: AWS, Twilio, and Infobip, to help you find the best fit for your business needs.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), an international SMS provider under Amazon, offers various free-tier plans for initial access to AWS platforms, products, and services. For businesses seeking to understand international SMS costs, they provide an AWS Pricing Calculator, allowing you to input your requirements and estimate the expected costs.

Amazon SNS Pricing Model

Amazon SNS offers a free tier for basic users, but it has usage limits. For example, it allows up to 1 million SNS requests, 100,000 HTTP notifications, and 1,000 email notifications. This might not be enough for businesses aiming to reach a global audience.There are no upfront fees for Amazon SNS; you pay only for what you use. International SMS messages cost $0.50 USD per 1 million SNS requests. You can control costs by monitoring message and notification volumes.

How to Calculate Amazon SNS International SMS Costs?

To calculate Amazon SNS international SMS costs, you can access detailed pricing on AWS by selecting "Worldwide SMS Pricing" and specifying your location. For instance, in Taiwan, outbound transactional and promotional SMS costs $0.0556 per message, while inbound international SMS costs a fixed rate of $0.0065 per message. Keep in mind that international SMS pricing can vary by country and region and is subject to change. It's best to check AWS's official website for the latest pricing information.


Twilio is a global cloud communication platform tailored for software developers. It offers a powerful ecosystem of cloud applications and APIs, making it easy to integrate communication technology into their apps.

Features of Twilio's International SMS Service

Twilio offers SMS, voice, video, WhatsApp integration, email, chatbots, and more, empowering developers to effortlessly add communication features like calls and text messages to their apps, facilitating business expansion. Unlike the past, where developers had to build interfaces and negotiate with telecom providers, Twilio provides a platform with straightforward API integration for these functions.

How to Calculate Twilio's International SMS Costs?

Twilio offers a 30-day free trial, followed by a $4.99 monthly fee that includes all free features and batch promotional SMS to customers. Twilio charges are in USD and are billed on a 30-day cycle, whether for recurring fees or usage-based plans.


Infobip began as an SMS service provider, serving around 250,000 well-known companies like Google, Uber, Twitter, and more. This means that many of the SMS verification codes and instant messages you receive are likely sent through Infobip's global communication platform, showcasing its prominent role and broad impact in the industry.

Infobip's International SMS Service Features

Infobip excels in international SMS services, notably with an impressive delivery rate of over 90%. Additionally, most SMS messages, including verification codes and notifications, are delivered within 5 seconds, guaranteeing instant and reliable messaging.

Infobip has transformed into a SaaS service provider as communication methods evolve. This shift may introduce concerns for businesses primarily focused on SMS services. For example, the platform's complexity may increase, and pricing could change as services expand, potentially leading to higher costs for those needing basic international SMS services.

How to Calculate Infobip's International SMS Costs?

Infobip's international SMS pricing information is somewhat non-transparent, requiring website login to access. For businesses looking for quick insights into international SMS costs, this may not be very user-friendly. As an example, sending 1000 messages with Infobip can cost between $7.50 to $800. The exact cost per international SMS message depends on your location and the message destination.

Comparison Table of Four Major International SMS Providers

We'll explore the key international SMS service providers: AWS, Twilio, Infobip, and Chiheng. We'll analyze their features, advantages, and compare their international SMS pricing. Whether you're expanding your global business or improving SMS marketing worldwide, this table provides valuable insights!

Comparing the Top Four International SMS Providers

SMS Costs
Paid plans are
costly, and free
plans have many
30-day free trial
$4.99 per month
Cost for 1000
$7.50 to $800.
Overall pricing
is moderate,
and there is a free
sending quota.
Incurs setup
Professional setup
incurs extra fees.
Billed monthly,
no extra charges
No setup fees,
one API
connects globally.
No setup fees,
one API
connects globally.
No minimum fees,
based on usage.
Monthly recurring
fees, requires
plan commitment.
Billed monthly,
requires bundling.
No contract
required, buy
and use instantly.
Targeted usersSmall to
businesses looking
for a free trial.
Businesses in need
of SaaS services
Suitable for
businesses of
all sizes.

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