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What are the uses of international SMS? Utilizing precision marketing effectively enhances conversions.

As internet marketing becomes prominent, e-commerce and international trade rely more on online platforms like Facebook and Amazon. Using international SMS as a marketing tool can efficiently enhance communication and improve conversion rates when entering global markets. This article discusses the benefits, applications, and opportune moments for employing international SMS in marketing strategies.

Is the marketing functionality of international SMS effective? Four advantages for precise marketing.

Dr. Squatch, a renowned grooming brand, saw a 15% contribution to its annual revenue of approximately $200 million through SMS marketing in recent years. This case demonstrates the powerful marketing potential of international SMS. With numerous existing marketing methods available, what are the benefits of SMS marketing? Here, we've summarized four advantages of SMS marketing to help you understand its importance and enhance your global marketing strategies!

1. High Average Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram sponsored posts, or Google Ads (including keyword and GDN multimedia ads), an essential testing objective is the Click-Through Rate (CTR). On average, Facebook sponsored posts have a CTR of about 0.89%, while Google Ads reach around 1.91%. However, these figures fall significantly short when compared to the impressive 14% CTR achieved with international SMS marketing! According to a survey by the Swedish technology company Klarna, consumers subconsciously believe that important messages are conveyed through SMS notifications. If you want your marketing campaigns to reach a broader audience, promoting through SMS has proven to be highly effective based on the data!

CTR (Click-Through Rate) indicates the average percentage of users who view a product or ad and click on it. It is calculated as (Number of link clicks / Number of impressions) * 100%. A higher CTR signifies greater engagement and interest from the audience.

2.Quick Readability

International SMS marketing offers the advantage of being quickly readable. Compared to Facebook sponsored posts with an average CTR of about 0.89% and Google Ads at around 1.91%, both of which fall short of the impressive 14% CTR achieved with SMS marketing! According to a survey by Klarna, a Swedish technology company, consumers subconsciously believe that important messages are conveyed through SMS notifications. If you want your marketing campaigns to reach a broader audience, promoting through SMS has proven to be highly effective based on the data!

How to calculate Conversion Rate (CVR):

Conversion Rate, also known as CVR, is the percentage of users who actually purchase a product or click on a link. It is calculated as follows: (Number of completed conversions / Number of website visitors or click-through users) * 100%.

3.Higher Conversion Rate

To achieve a high conversion rate, a high click-through rate is crucial. International SMS marketing outperforms other channels in terms of average click-through rate, resulting in superior conversion rates. This fosters trust, reliance, and loyalty from users towards the brand. Here are two real-life case examples to illustrate actual conversion rates:

Case 1: Brand with a Membership List

Customer A is an operator of a fashion brand and has a substantial list of active customers. By sending international SMS broadcasts to 20,000 users, they successfully prompted over 5,000 users to click on product links, achieving an impressive conversion rate of nearly 25%!

Case 2: Brand without a Membership List

Customer B utilized precision targeting through a local database and deployed two different SMS campaigns with distinct content (A and B). In the end, they achieved both high click-through rates and conversion rates! Below are the actual data for the campaigns (each sent 20,000 messages):

Version 1

【Fighting Together in Epidemic, We are OOO】

At OOO City Transportation Construction, the issues we care about are what we are currently working on. Join us to learn more.

>>Begins with brand self-introduction; Click-throughs: 1279, CTR approximately 6.3%.

Version 2

【One Thing Every OO Resident Should Care About】

Happy Engineer - A Win-Win Transportation Solution

>>Starts with "Value Offered"; Click-throughs: 4378, CTR 21%.

4.Automated Marketing with International SMS

Integrating international SMS into annual marketing strategies allows for automated campaigns using predefined templates. Instantly deliver the latest brand updates to members. Moreover, shopping cart notification features notify users of new promotions and include a direct link for easy and timely purchases!

Where is international SMS currently being applied?

Currently, international SMS is commonly used for three purposes: marketing applications, verification functions, and system notifications. Let's delve into these uses in detail:

Marketing Applications:

According to research by the marketing consultancy firm OpenMarket, excessive notifications from social media and messaging apps have led to consumer stress and fatigue, resulting in decreased user engagement on these platforms. As a consequence, businesses face higher advertising costs on platforms like Facebook, while collecting less customer data than before. To address this issue, using international SMS as a marketing channel is highly recommended. Statistics show that up to 83% of recipients check their SMS within 90 seconds, and 75% of users prefer interacting with brands through SMS. Thinking about expanding into international markets? International SMS is the most effective tool to achieve impactful results!

Verification Function

To ensure the security of overseas transactions and protect member rights, many e-commerce brands utilize international SMS for OTP (One-Time Password) verification. Whenever members register, make credit card purchases, or forget their account passwords, we send a verification code or temporary password via SMS. This process not only confirms the authenticity of the user's identity but also safeguards their account from potential theft, preventing financial and personal data loss.

What is OTP?

OTP (One-Time Password) is a dynamic numerical code used as a second-factor authentication method. It is generated by the computer, sent to the server, and relayed to the user's phone within 1 minute for enhanced security during online transactions and logins.

System Notifications

In addition to marketing and verification, international SMS can also be used for system notification functions, essentially serving as a customer service role. Here are three common use cases:

Order Confirmation:

Reconfirming purchase orders with users can effectively reduce return rates.

Logistics Updates:

Notifying users about the latest logistics status builds a sense of security and indirectly enhances brand trust.

Delivery Notifications:

Reminding users about delivery times reduces the risk of reverse logistics.

What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is the process of handling goods returned from consumers to the original supplier. It involves recovering, transporting, and reintegrating products back into the supply chain or disposing of them properly. This can lead to additional costs and time for inspection and refurbishment.

International SMS vs. EDM Marketing:

Both are efficient promotional channels. However, EDM emails are more prone to being blocked as spam and easily identified as promotional content. In contrast, International SMS, with its phone number titles, is perceived as more important by users, leading to higher click-through rates.

International SMSEDM
Communication EfficiencyHighHigh
Conversion RateAverage close to 10%, not easily ignored.Average around 4%, susceptible to blocking.
StrategySending SMS based on user status enables efficient and precise marketing communication.Creating promotional content requires more effort and continuous filtering to identify the most suitable audience.

4 essential techniques to master when using international SMS:

While international SMS can greatly enhance brand promotion and outreach efficiency, it is crucial to pay attention to the following 4 aspects to make your marketing efforts even more successful:

1.Optimal Frequency

Strike a balance between sending too many messages, which may annoy users, and too few messages, which may create distance. Consider sending SMS during pre-event warm-up and countdown phases to boost user engagement. For new registered members, deliver SMS within the first 3 days to reinforce brand exposure and impression.

2.Know Your Users

Establishing a friendly relationship with users is essential for building trust and improving receptiveness. Tailor international SMS content to each user's preferences and behaviors for more effective communication. For example, skip promotions on items they've already purchased and send birthday discounts to foster a closer connection.

3.Simple & Professional Content

Keep international SMS content concise, reflecting user preferences for better receptiveness. Address customer pain points and provide valuable information to highlight the brand's professionalism. Offer preferred activities and solutions to ensure a more positive reception of promotional content.

4.Automate Marketing with Member Data

Use international SMS alongside other platforms to enhance user willingness to purchase. Establish an automated marketing process based on user behavior and preferences. Categorize potential, actual, and loyal customers to send tailored SMS messages and maximize marketing impact.

For international SMS services used by businesses, they typically don't choose Taiwanese telecom providers but opt for international SMS providers. Each provider has a different pricing structure, including monthly fees and usage-based fees. Abosend International SMS, offered by Esendex, offers competitive pricing, free testing credits upon account activation, no setup fees, and the ability to connect globally with just one API. It's undoubtedly the best choice for international SMS. Feel free to inquire now.


International SMS is an efficient marketing communication channel. When used effectively, it can help you optimize your marketing strategies. We recommend AboSend by CHT International, a comprehensive international SMS service provider. AboSend offers various features, including free short URL functionality to track user click-through rates and record conversion rates effectively. You can rent multiple international phone numbers to receive user messages faster. The integrated reporting feature allows for convenient performance monitoring. Additionally, AboSend provides API functionality with SMPP/HTTP interfaces, enabling seamless integration with your app and web pages, allowing you to better understand user consumption patterns!

For more information on our international SMS services, we recommend exploring AboSend from CHT International.

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