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Charity care has become the most important things for enterprises.Not only fulfilling social responsibility (CSR), but also a key link in building sustainable brand.
Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)When operating a business, not only considering profit, it must comply with the vision of sustainable development.But also make contributions to society.CSR has also become the criterion for judging the success of a company.
How to implement corporate social responsibility?
Three common cooperation models between enterprises and social enterprises
1. Initiative supportspeak out for social issues of concern, and give spiritual support, or through funds to jointly promote issues of mutual concern.
Product purchaseUsed to purchase social enterprise products and services, such as office equipment, staff meals, customer gifts, and other fixed expenses.
3. Supply chain cooperationLet the products and services of social enterprises connect with the business of large enterprises and jointly develop exclusive businesses.
CSR implements in the daily operation of Chiheng :

Snacks for employees, and group meals for the core team, all use "Leezen" food, vegetables and fruits, rice, etc. that are organically planted by local small farmers and fruit farmers, and are environmentally friendly.

For guest receptions, we choose "Shanguo". In addition to its main vegetable food, it is very strict in the selection of raw materials; Hope customers eat healthily and hope this concept would pass on to more people during the reception.

When shopping for presents during Chinese New Year and holidays, Taiwanese social enterprises or green enterprises such as "Leezen", "ELECLEAN" and "KDM" are the first choices and be sent to partners.

Enterprise internal training invites founders of social enterprises from different industries to inherit the core values of social enterprises and reshape the cultural spirit of enterprises.

good-resultHelp Others, Pass On The Touch You Get

Altruism will eventually lead to self-interest, and this is not calculated, but begins with the end and ends with good results.

Support friendly agriculture and the common good, create a conscience enterprise with a non-toxic, organic, and additive-free diet.

Altruistic, Make The World A Better Place!
  • Support Organic Farming
  • Practice Resource Recycling
  • Protect Local Fruits And Vegetables
  • Implement Social Care
  • Implement Little Or No Additions
  • Encourage Low-Carb Plant-Based Eating
  • Conservation Of The Ecologi Environment
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From nature and comfort,Adhere to natural and environmentallyFriendly and considerate of this land
From the kindness of disaster relief,Proficient in technological innovation,Feedback to the sociality.
Application Process
STEP.1Complete the application form
STEP.2Providing the following consulting services, "Cloud Service" "Digital Marketing Integration" "Information Education Promotion" Please let us know where your team needs assistance.
STEP.3Briefly describe the mission of the social enterprise or relevant planning proposals, Email to
STEP.4 The commissioner will contact you by phone and Schedule a conference.
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