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Free virtual hosts usually limit traffic, and some free hosting companies will often change IPs. Putting multiple websites on the same server will affect the running speed, and Google PSI test (recommended TTFB test standard should be less than 800 ms), long-term SEO based on the website Optimization, it is recommended to buy some virtual hosts with guaranteed performance, speed and service!
The ssh service comes with a sftp service, which is an ftp service based on the ssh protocol, but is more secure than ftp. We can use xshell software, secureCRT or xftp to connect, and xftp is fully graphical operation.
Yes, the Microud cloud host will automatically assign an independent IP.Microud cloud hosts will automatically assign an independent external IP and an independent internal IP.The internal IP is generally used for communication between cloud hosts and servers.
When a network attack occurs, our monitoring system can automatically detect and clean the abnormal traffic for you. If the attack is large, we will do black hole processing for you to protect the security of your server. For security reasons, we also recommend that you install your own protection software and block unused ports.
The benefits of a cloud server are that the cloud host can be completed in real-time, deployed with one click, and installed hardware independently. Moreover, built-in KVM in the cloud means the centralised cloud management enables customers to manage the cloud host through the self-service system. Entirely access the root account and the superuser account. Last but not least, it has the lowest overall cost, so it helps save costs: no deposit, monthly payment, no maintenance fee, scale share, and green energy-saving.
In the WEB server, if the file or directory permissions are incorrect, it will cause a 403 error when accessing the website. So we must first confirm the identity of the process that needs to operate these file directories. In Linux, it can be queried through ps and grep.
a. Check whether the maximum number of threads in the program is sufficient;b. The program code is not optimized enough, such as infinite loop, deadlock;c. Whether the parameters of the web configuration file are not optimized enough;d. Check the web and system logs to see if there are any access exceptions;e. Whether the website has been hacked;f. Whether there were search engine crawlers crawling the website on a large scale at that time;
This depends on the type of website or server, generally speaking:1) For corporate websites or blogs with low traffic, just choose the basic version (1-5m bandwidth is sufficient);2) CDN, acceleration, video, game, software download, music online audio-visual, flash, online film and television, etc. It is recommended to choose large bandwidth (above 50M bandwidth)
Check the server application and website program for vulnerabilities, enable the default firewall of the server, and close some unnecessary ports. Set the password to be more than 12 characters, and the letters should have upper and lower case. It is recommended to be irregular, and the default remote port can be changed to another port. Windows machines can be patched in time and some security software can be installed.
(1)Change the password of the system administrator account, the password length is not less than 8 digits and the combination of uppercase letters/lowercase letters/digits/special characters is used;(2)Change the remote login port and enable the firewall to restrict the IP that is allowed to log in. The firewall configuration only opens specific service ports and performs source IP access control for FTP, database and other services that do not need to be open to all users; and grep to find out.