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Sorting failure: The format of the number is wrong. If the format is correct and there is a sorting failure, please contact customer service.Receiving failed: The sending was not successful for the following reasons:1. The number is empty, the machine is shut down or the mobile phone is turned off, resulting in failure2. Content-sensitive words are blocked, which will lead to failure3. It is possible that the customer’s own mobile phone has installed and blocked unknown APP4. Blocking policies of major operators
Please contact customer service and provide the account number and capture the locked full screen.
The Google verification code depends on the needs of individual companies, and it is recommended to bind it for secondary verification.
The system keeps it for 180 days. If you need to keep it for a long time, it is recommended to export the form and save it as a file.
1. The account is not available for others to use2. For domestic text messages, each Chinese-English mixed message is counted as one message within 70 points (more than 70 points are calculated as long messages);3. Before sending the newsletter, the text can be sent to the business window for confirmation; if the sending fails due to personal operation, no refund will be made.4. The amount prepaid or stored value is non-refundable, and there is no expiration date for sending.5. Do not use the system platform for the following sending, and the sender of the message shall bear all legal responsibilities:(1) Those who have stolen, altered, or destroyed other people's information equipment.(2) Those who falsely use other organizations to resell or reprint things.(3) Send content that infringes the rights and interests of others, violates public order and good customs, or violates laws and regulations.(4) Others that endanger domestic communications or related laws and regulations
The large volume of text messages sent means that the system is in batch processing; the receipt can be completed within 24 hours.
The SMS platform is charged for submitting, so the fee will be deducted if the sending fails. Please submit the content of the copy to the customer service window for confirmation.
If there are duplicate numbers in the list,please delete them before sending; the empty numbers in the list can be screened by using the empty number detection function in the platform.
Use the short URL in the platform to generate a short link, and you can check the URL reach in the background after sending/sharing.