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AboTALK is an all-cloud artificial intelligence architecture, no need to purchase telephone equipment, and use Internet phones (soft phones) to make calls.
This phone button function is not supported, and AI voice recognition is used for question selection.
In the system, the "main speech process" is set such as: "I can't distinguish your answer, please repeat it again".
Yes, please provide the sales process and marketing scripts, we will arrange online teaching demonstrations and assist in the initial BOT process setup.
It is estimated to take 1-2 days, and you will be notified by a special person if the review is passed, or you can refresh and check it on the website by yourself.
Audio file format: MP3, WAV file, and the size cannot exceed 10MB.① Online format detection tool② Use the online conversion tool to convert files.Number file format: Please click to view the picture.
The epidemic has changed the ecology. AboTALK is a cross-border marketing tool that can work remotely and save a lot of personnel costs. Quickly and effectively target precise customers.
Yes, after logging in the account information, fill in the extension number, SIP domain, organization code and other related VOIP information, after the input is complete Just save the settings.
Click "System Query" and "Traffic Record" on the AboTALK system operation interface to check the relevant traffic status.
In the system, select [Add Node] or [Edit Node], and you can customize keywords in the custom branch.