11/10 AboSEND Update
Major upgrades:
  • 1. Create different billing schemes on the platform, and then configure the specified "billing scheme" to the corresponding channel tariff.
  • The specific operation will be explained to the corresponding user separately. If you have any questions, please ask
  • 2. The SMS channel page adds a sorting function, which can arrange the frequently used channels at the top
  • Operation method: modify the "channel order" on the SMS channel page, you can enter 1-99. The smaller the number; the higher the ranking
11/4 AboTALK Update
Major updates:
  • 1. Profit sharing is allowed to have negative numbers
  • 2. Mobile phone version optimization
  • 3. Restrict export function
  • Change to export up to 100,000 data at the same time
  • 4. Some bug fixes and UI optimizations
10/15 AboSEND Update
Major updates:
  • 1. Corporate Daily Report - Add the statistics of the two businesses of "code access" and "screen number"
  • 2. Create a new module "WhatsApp", and two pages of WhatsApp account
  • 3. Support WhatsApp broadcast through API (placed in http docking document)