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AboSENDInternational SMS
  • Enterprise Bulk SMS
  • WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Multi-Country Code Access Platform
  • Global Idle Number Filter
Must-Have Marketing Tools< Email 3.26%, Google Ads 3.17% >
SMSreading rate
Consumeracceptance of SMS
Message APINo setup fee, one API connect to the world
ConnectivityProvide REST API Services
Easy integrationProvide SMPP &HTTP connection methods.
High elasticitySupport multi-language,and long text messages.
No monthly feeNo monthly rent and installation fees
international RouteCovering More Than 233 Countries And Regions.
Strict securitySelf-Intellectual Property Rights And Closed Sources To Ensure Security.
Powerful systemSupport Millions Of Volumes In A Day, Partner With Top IDC, And Multiple Backup Routes.
Free operationSupporting API Connects With Various Systems Directly.
Precision MarketingLegally Obtain Database, And Accurately Convey Marketing SMS To Target Customers!
Telecom DatabaseBasic FilterFilter by household living area, gender, age, etc.
Debit Card DatabaseConsumer Behavior ScreeningFilter by the distribution of the content of consumption, habits, amount, etc.
LBSLBS(Mobile Location Services)Marketing SMS can be sent by geographic location or specific coordinates.
WhatsApp Broadcast
Support personalization parameters for marketing or customer notification
Added Call-to-action (CTA) button, like address or phone number to enhance the broadcast effect
There is a "Send Record" page to view the push effect
Multi-country code access platformRegistering overseas website, what should I do if I don't have a local number? There is an independent and exclusive access number for You! And It’s just cost $5 per month!
Short LinkProviding free shorten URLs help you analyze link access status!
The most direct and effective mobile advertisingNo contract, just buy and use
Verification Code (OTP SMS)Such as apps or websitesverification code, password retrieval security verification and payment verification, identity verification, etc.
PromotionSuch as birthday wishes, event invitations, new product launches, product promotions, discounts and rebates to members.
NotificationsSuch as system upgrade or maintenance, account login, abnormal login, order confirmation, logistics dynamics, consumption confirmation, etc. to registered users.
EmegencySuch as drills, earthquakes, tides, floods, epidemics, etc., or temporary changes.
AnnouncementAboSEND has obtained licenses from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore and the Registered SMS Service Provider (RSSP) of Hong Kong.We welcome banks, logistics companies, healthcare providers, gaming companies, and other relevant institutions to try our services.
Fraudulent SMS Prevention StatementIn order to eliminate the use of SMS for fraud, if the content of the SMS is determined by law enforcement to be fraudulent, we will take the following measures:
  • Suspend the member account and terminate the service. Stored value points will be frozen to prevent malicious use.
  • Actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies in investigating fraud cases.