Quick Focus high-intent users
Supply group calls
Supports Multi- Country Routes
Combined mass call, automatic play audio
1 AI BOT = 6 employees, Accurtely focus target customers!
Telemarketing AboTALK Super Salesman
50-150 Daily Volume 800-1200
High Staff Turnover Status No Staff Turnover
Emotional Attitude Stable
1 Week Training Time 1 Day
Unmanageable And Subjective Record Efficient And Objective
Hard To Follow Up CRM Easy To Grasp
$30000/Month Costs $4500/Month
Great sales performance
Time Utilization 200%
Performance 168%
Revenue 150%
Labor costs 85%
Satisfaction 60%
Fee description
Code Country Cost / Per Minute
886 TW 3.25 TWD 0.100 US 0.730 CNY
84 VN 1.29 TWD 0.040 US 0.290 CNY
66 TH 1.29 TWD 0.040 US 0.290 CNY
1 USA 0.32 TWD 0.010 US 0.073 CNY
62 ID 1.13 TWD 0.035 US 0.260 CNY
Also provide Germany, UK, Mainland, Malaysia,Australia, Japan, Korea, India... and more popular countries
Free one-to- one tutoring
A/B Marketing Script Testing
Strengthen Brand Image
All-round Scenario Solutions
Voice OTP verification Member Notice Medical Return Visit
EDM Broadcast Promotion SMS Product Advice
Satisfaction User Return Visit Opinion Poll
Bill Payment Course Notice Event Reminder
Your verification code is: "000123". Your verification code is: "000123" Advantages: The system dials out the corresponding verification code content. Similar to SMS OTP, Voice-OTP has the advantage that it does not leave any file traces for hackers to copy and intercept. Many companies join commercial systems to enhance information security.
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