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abotalk-black-iconAI telemarketing
  • All-cloud AI architecture, no need phones
  • Quickly filter target customer
  • focus on high-intent customer groups -- "Efficient allocation of resources"
  • Automated customer development and marketing tool.
Voice OTP
The corresponding verification code content is dialed out by the system, similar to the SMS OTP form.The advantage of Voice-OTP is that it does not leave any traces of files for hackers to copy and intercept, enhancing information security
abotalk-callingYour verification code is『0012345』
Quick FocusHigh-Intent Users.
Supply group calls
supports multi-country routes
Combined MassCall,Automatic Play Audio
1 AI BOT = 6 employees, accurately focus target customers!
Telemarketing AboTALK
Daily Volume50-150800-1200
StatusHigh Staff TurnoverNo Staff Turnover
Training Time1Week1Day
RecordUnmanageable And SubjectiveEfficient And Objective
CRMHard To Follow UpEasy To Grasp
Costs$3000 /Month$3000 /Month
Fee description
CodeCountryCost / Per Minute
886Taiwan3.25 TWD0.100 US0.730 CNY
84Vietnam1.29 TWD0.040 US0.290 CNY
66Thailand1.29 TWD0.040 US0.290 CNY
1USA0.32 TWD0.010 US0.073 CNY
62Indonesia1.13 TWD0.035 US0.260 CNY
Seat1500 TWD/one
AI BOT system3000 TWD/month
Also provide Germany, UK, Mainland, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea,India... and more popular countries
Free 1 on 1 tutoring
A/B Marketing Script Testing
Strengthen brand image
All-round Scenario Solutions

Your verification code is: "000123". Your verification code is: "000123"

Advantages: The system dials out the corresponding verification code content. Similar to SMS OTP, Voice-OTP has the advantage that it does not leave any file traces for hackers to copy and intercept. Many companies join commercial systems to enhance information security.

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