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  • One-Stage Solutions
  • Unlimit Traffic,Support Free EIP
  • Double-Ways CN2+BGP Expressway
Have You Encountered The Following Difficulties?
Want Higher Level Specifications But Budget Is Not Enough To Afford?
Desire To Set Up An International Website But Block By The Firewall?
Hosts Are Bundled With Lots Of Kits But Only Need A Clean Host?
One-stage SolutionSupport International Business And Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Business.
Global CDNCustomized Needs, Diversion Of Information For Enterprises, Reduce Latency To Increase Network Uptime.
CN2 GIA DirectOne-Stage Solutions Unlimit Traffic,Support Free EIP Double-Ways CN2+BGP Expressway.
ECS CLOUD SERVERSimple and smooth purchase process, one-click creation, minute-level server opening.
ECS Security GroupSecurity group is a virtual firewall, It has the filtering function of state detection packets,Effectively filter all hidden dangers.
One-stage SolutionSupport International Business And Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Business.
DDoS WAFProtect applications, websites and APIs Avoid targeting the network and application layers malicious traffic threat.
Cloud server hostingCombined with cabinet hosting services, Build IT infrastructure together to build a hybrid cloud, Support the stable operation of the enterprise's business.
Cabinet Rental ServiceEnterprises own the hardware and Full authority and control of the software, responsible for the cabinet network security and service environment.
Elastic IP addressAdjust the bandwidth of the EIP as needed. Can be purchased separately and held independently, Unbind and release when not needed.
Diversified Solutions$10 Per Month Can Enjoy Unlimited Traffic And High-Performance Host. Whether You Are A Novice Or A Professional Technician, You Can Build Your Own Website Easi
Enjoy great deals againBuy for 1 year and get 2 months off
PRIMARYPersonal/ Small Site
15.04 USD/Month
PROFESSIONALWeb Platform/ Medium Websites
40.36 USD/ Month
BUSINESSMedium And Large Websites
72.88 USD/Month
microud-iconSolutions For Mainland
About Mainland solutionsprogram highlights
ICP, ICP Filing, and ICP LicenseThe key to entering the Chinese market
An article to understand what ICP, ICP Filing, and ICP License are
What is CN2 Network?A 3-minute Guide to Types and Features
High-speed,exemption from filing "CN2 servers" you must know
We can provide trial machines to do environmental testing for you.
Our computer room is located in "Hong Kong’s General Proud Computer Room". It is the first data center in Hong Kong to be certified by the uptime institute. It is hard to be affected by the political situation.
GIA is the highest level routes in CN2. It is currently the fastest and most stable route that cloud service providers can provide.CN2 GIA is rarely congested and can provide the highest speed, high redundancy and lowest latency.
We only calculate the bandwidth and unlimited traffic.
International Certification
Primary distributors have access to purchase all products.
International DDoS protection.
Multiple payment methods supported.
No real-name registration or filing required.
Priority handling of work orders, no waiting in line.
Dedicated group services and after-sales support.